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Morgan S. Kelly Huber, LAT, MFdc, CPT

Owner and Founder Morgan S. Kelly-Huber earned her Bachelor's of Science at UW-Milwaukee in Athletic Training. Over the years she has worked with a wide variety of sports and athletes from the recreational to the professional level.

Morgan is certified in both Myofascial Decompression (Cup Therapy) and Dry Needling. She holds a certification with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer. She is a martial artist and an avid yoga practitioner.

Her inspiration to open a sports medicine private practice came from a desire to provide a higher quality of care after working in sports medicine for years and realizing how broken the health care system is.

She believes in utilizing a variety of interventions and creating a treatment plan that is highly individualized to each person. 

Interventions are based on the best scientific evidence available, clinical expertise, and patient preference.

She practices a holistic approach to medicine, taking into account the body as a whole and not just treating the symptoms.

In Collaboration With


Joana C. Bromley, MA Sport & Performance Psychology, NSCA-CPT

Joana experienced firsthand the determination and diligence it takes to be a successful student athlete and has been building a professional career as a Mental Performance Consultant over the last 3 years. She played DI soccer for UW-Madison while simultaneously earning her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After graduating, she jumped head first into the coaching world and began working with FC Wisconsin, an elite youth soccer club in southeastern Wisconsin, helping players that aspire to play at the highest levels maximize their potential. Concurrently, she spent two years working at Rogers Memorial hospital, gaining hands on experience and knowledge of the DSM, medical, mental health and chemical dependency diagnosis and treatment processes. 

Eager to mix her experience in sport performance and psychology, she earned her Master in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Sport and Performance Psychology at UW-Milwaukee. She has experience working with both youth and collegiate level individuals, teams, and subsets of teams. Her work experience extends to a variety of sports, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming and more. 

Her professional philosophy revolves around her desire to have a genuine and compassionate long-term relationship with each individual and team she works with. By creating an authentic environment where clients are treated with honesty, respect and compassion, she hopes that each individual she has the opportunity to work with will have the best chance of reaching optimal performance and their performance goals.

To schedule an appointment contact Joana directly at 262-364-6586 or jcbromley5@gmail.com